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All of our stylists and colorists are classified into one of three levels:

– Junior/Level 1:  1-3 years of experience
– Stylist/Level 2:  3-7 years of experience
Senior/Level 3:  7-12 years of experience
Master/Level 4:  12+ years of experience

At The Body Bar Hair Salon, we determine the prices of our stylists and colorists according to four vital factors: years of experience, skill level, client retention, and education.
Our level system allows us to offer our guests a wide range of prices to ensure that we meet their individual needs.



We are proud to use an innovated ammonia free colouring system. This gives hair intense conditioning power, odour free and extraordinarily shiny, long lasting colour, will cover grey 100% as well as lightening or darkening and fashion shades.
If you’re new to our salon or craving a change we do recommend a complimentary consultation. This allows the stylist to know more about your hair history and ensures you’re getting the right colour technique.

Prices below are starting at a Level 1.

Regrowth 1 1/2 Inches or Less:
(Extra charge for blending or covering length of hair)

Long Hair With Cut: $77.50 – $130+
Short Hair With Cut: $73.50 – $125+
Long Hair No Cut: $53.50 – 98.50+
Short Hair No Cut: $48.50 – $96.50+
Partial Head Highlights/Lowlights:
(Halo section)

Long Hair With Cut: $99 – $165+
Short Hair With Cut: $94 – $155+
Long Hair No Cut: $80 – $145+
Short Hair No Cut: $75 – $135+
Full Head Highlights/Lowlights:
Full  Highlights With Cut: $94 – $190+
Long Hair No Cut: $84 – 165+
Short Hair No Cut: $80 – 155.50+
T-Zone Colour:
A soft touch up for the hairline, crown and part that will hold you over until your next full appointment.
No Finish: $24.50 – 33.50+
Fluff Dry: $28.50 – 38.50+
Full Finish: $38.50 – 53.50+
The Colour Works:
For those who require both colour and highlights, this technique refreshes your base and grey coverage and reestablishes dimension.
Long Hair With Cut: $109 – $185+
Short Hair With Cut: $99 – $175+
Long Hair No Cut: $89 – $160+
Short Hair No Cut: $80 – $150+
Balayage and Colour Melting:
Colour blending technique that uses colour or lightener to give your hair a multidimensional, multilevelled look. This technique creates a tone-on-tone effect throughout the head. A smudging action creating a unique blend of colour. This uses a free hand technique.
$130 – $195+



Ombré and Sombre:
Ombre colour techniques blends the mid shaft of your hair to your ends. The colour takes a lighten toned and blends lighter as it flows down to your ends. This colour technique usually requires a toner to reach your final look. Make sure to check the add on section for toner pricing. Sombre is a softer version of ombre.
Ombre Cut and Style: $109 – $210+
Subtle Ombre Cut and Style: $95 – $170+
Colour Correction:
If your hair is damaged, over processed or your looking for a drastic transformation this could mean you will need a colour correction! Colour correction are very lengthly in time and will be reserved after a complimentary consultation. This is to ensure proper timing is given, a proper quotation in terms of pricing and to make sure a colour correction is right for you.
Price based upon consultation.
A toner is usually applied after highlights, ombre or balayage to enhance/refine tones or neutralize unwanted tones. We also offer this in-between your colour services.
Starting at $28 +
Mermaid and Unicorn Colours (Offered by both Elumen and Pulp Riot)
Think of ice-cream, unicorns and mermaids and that explains the colours.
Pricing available upon consultation.
This treatment is a bond multiplier which limits damage to hair before and after colour appointments. It is an add on to your service. $27 +
Antidot Pro:
This can be added to your colour formula if your suffer from redness, itching, burning sensation and any scalp discomforts during a colour or chemical application. $5.00
Hair Gloss:
Finest Pigments Toner.
To add shine and healthy glow. Blow dry extra.


1. Basecolor: Color applied at the root area or all-over before a dimensional/creative color technique is done.

2. Contrast: Contrast is a value applied to highlights. High-contrast highlights are much lighter than the surrounding hair and provide a dramatic look. Lower contrast highlights result in a more natural look.

3. Cool: Cool is a tonal value that can apply to blonde, brunette, and red shades. A color is said to have “cool tones” if it tends toward blue, violet or green. Cool colors include platinum blondes, ash browns, and plum reds.

4. Coverage: Coverage is a measure of a haircolor’s ability to cover gray. Some haircolor formulations are too transparent to effectively cover gray hair. Redken Color Gels Permanent Conditioning Haircolor provides exceptional gray coverage with resistance to fading.

5. Dimension: Dimension is a function of the range of tones in your hair. A head of hair that is all one color is said to be “flat” or lacking dimension. Your stylist can add dimension to your hair with highlights or lowlights.

6. Double-process: A double-process color refers to anytime two color services are done in one visit. Generally this is done by doing the first color service, washing and drying the hair, then doing the second color. This can include lightening the hair then applying a toner, or doing a permanent color followed by a glaze.

7. Express Highlights: Express Highlights are done by applying a small amount of foils or painted-on pieces, usually focused on framing the face.

8. Glaze: Glazes involve using a semi-permanent color to enhance, enrich, change, match, tone down or intensify natural or color-treated hair while harmonizing contrast.

9. Hair Painting: Hair Painting, also known as balayage, is the process of free-handing or sweeping hair color, lightener or toner downwards in soft strokes directly on the surface of the desired section. This method is used to create dimension with a natural, softer look.


10. Highlights: Highlighting hair means isolating select strands in the hair and treating them with a haircolor or lightener to make them lighter than their base/natural color. Highlights can add dimension by contrasting with the rest of the hair and are created with foils, a cap or special combs or brushes used for “painting on” the color.

11. Lift: Lift is the chemical process of lightening the color of the hair. Different haircolor formulations have different lifting abilities.

12. Lowlights: Lowlights are created by using color with foils, caps, or painted on to darken specific pieces and create dimension. Generally low lights will be 2-3 levels darker than your basecolor and slightly warmer. This can be used for a more natural look or create accents within the hair.

13. Rebalancing: Rebalancing is the process of bringing the hair back into balance, and can be created with the combination of highlights and lowlights, and/or glazes.

14. Single-process:  A single process refers to any color service that is done in one step. This can be using a permanent color that lifts and deposits, a glaze, highlights/lowlights without toning, or a creative color service with only one process.

15. Texture: Texture, as defined by the diameter of an individual hair strand, is generally described as fine, medium, or coarse. Your stylist will factor in your hair’s texture when determining your best color formulation.

16. Trend Pastel: (Unicorn Colours) Trend Pastel refers to the softened, lightened hues of colors such as red, purple, green, orange, yellow, or blue. Pastel tones of color are meant as colorants and toning shades, and are best achieved when applied to very pale blonde hair to create for example pink, lavender, mint green tones.

17. Tone: Tone, in haircoloring, is the term used to describe a specific color—”golden” blonde, “coppery” red, “ash” brown. Colors are divided into warm tones and cool tones.

18. Warm: Warm is a tonal value that can apply to blonde, brunette, and red shades. A color is said to have “warm tones” if it tends toward yellow, orange or red. Warm colors include golden blondes, auburn brunettes, and coppery

– Haircuts-

our wash cut and style services always include a complimentary consultation and relaxing scalp massage! And ask to add conditioning treatment for a dose of love.
Your hair will thank you!

Prices below are starting at a Level 1.

Cut Only: $32 – $48+

Wash, Cut and Style- Long Hair: $37 – $67+
Wash, Cut and Stye – Short Hair: $33 – $62+
Fades: $25+
Wash, Cut and Style: $22 – $34+
Bang and Neck Trim: $10+
Beard Trim: $12+
We also offer our Gents Colour Camouflage, starting at $30
Boys and Girls Cuts Up To 7 years old: $15 – $20+
Kids Cut and Style 8 – 11 years old: $17 – $24+
Girls Cut and Style 12 – 16 years old: $24 – $35+
Boys Cut and Style 12 – 16 years old: $14 – $28+



Treatments can transform your hair. We like to call these a dose of love for your hair. They will repair dry, damaged hair and help retain your colour. Add moisture and nourishment. Dry, itchy or sensitive scalp. Thinning hair.
Your hair will thank you!

Prices below are starting at a Level 1.

Davines Treatments:
Replumping, Renewing, Energizing, Nourishing, Purifying, Calming, Detoxifying, Rebalancing and Wellbeing. Click here to learn more!
Long Hair: $44+
Medium Length: $33+
Short Hair: $27+
Protein, Hair Strengthening and Nourishing Treatments:
Urgent Repair:
Scalp Exfoliation:
Removes build up from swimming, chlorine and product build up.
Olaplex Treatment:
Olaplex is a bond multiplier that is usually used when applying a colour but you are able to come in strictly for an olaplaex treatment. $25+
Click here to learn more!


Waving, Perming and Smoothing. Get the curls you’ve always wanted!
Prices are start at and depends on length, thickness and condition on hair.
Flash Wave:
Creates soft beach like curls.
Spiral Perm:
Body Wave:
Short hair perm.
Smoothing Keratin Spot Treatment:
Smoothing and Anti Frizz Conditioning:
Available upon consultation. Be advised that pricing depends on length and thickness of hair.


Your wash will always include a relaxing scalp massage.
Lets us make you look beautiful for all your special occasions!

Prices below are starting at a Level 1.

Wash and Blow Dry:
Long: $22- $46+
Medium: $22 – $35+
Short: $17 – $35+
Since we do not wash your hair when doing the services listed below, come with clean and dry hair, preferably washed the night before. This is to make the hair not too soft, to insure it stays in as long as possible.
Bridal Updos: $58 – $70+
Bridal Trials $50+
Detailed Updos: $58 – $85+
Casual Updos: $42 – $68+
Junior Updos: $30 – $45+
Long Hair Curls: $50 – $66+
French/Dutch Braids: $22+
Fishtail Braid: $22+
Fashion Braids/Plaiting: Available Upon Consult
Waterfall Braid with Long Hair Curls: $70+
Iron Styling: $35+
Extra charge if adding in extension pieces.

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